Winefit: with only one wine dispenser you can finally open an unlimited number of bottles.

Winefit offers many advantages for your wine preservation, starting from the reduced overall dimensions. Its design all-in-one was planned to get the maximum compactness eliminating any kind of external installation for the Argon gas.

The professional and expandable solution to sell wine by the glass

Winefit new release on the market is a new generation of special caps that are differing from the previous version for a new engineering, a bigger practicality and versatility and top wine preservation. The new Winefit special cap 2.0 is made of pure innovation and of a careful research which purpose is to grant you a wine by the glass experience as easy, quick and fluid as possible.

The heart of the Winefit technology lies into its Special Cap.


Winefit has created a unique and revolutionary system for a professional wine
by the glass service and a constant quality.

Winefit main technology lies in the Special Cap (SMART FLEX technology)
You don’t have to choose your wine dispenser depending on the number of bottles you want to serve by the glass.
With the Special Caps (SMART FLEX technology) you can expand unlimited your selection of wine by the glass.

  • An unlimited selection of wines by the glass
  • Long-lasting wine preservation
  • Set up your doses to have the best result
  • Minimum overall dimension of your wine dispenser
  • Plug & Play machines
  • No more installations for the gas alimentation
  • Easy as uncorking a bottle

just one dispenser… for an unlimited number of bottles!