Wine Dispenser Accessories

Tools & accessories to optimize the service & the presentation of a quality service of your wines.

Winefit has studied the perfect accessories to improve and facilitate your service while continuing to revolutionize the world of wine by the glass.


The special decanter allows to oxygenate the wine already during the delivery.

The Winefit decanter grants an open wine bouquet without any waiting for the expected normal time for decanting.


The handy wine markers are very useful to sign the name of the wine that you have on tasting.

Wine Markers can be customized with your own logo or color.


The refined Wine List of Winefit it’s a compulsory instrument for your wines by the glass.

Made of “soft touch” materials it allows the insertion of your list of wines. Customizable.


The Winefit trolley is the handiest solution to carry your Winefit ONE everywhere & it’s perfect for chef, sommeliers or catering use.

Dimensions: H cm 77 – L cm 52 – P cm 311