luxury preservation

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ALL-IN 1 SLIM is our new innovative built-in machine conceived, studied and designed specifically for the domestic or professional environment adapting perfectly to the aesthetics and size of luxury kitchens. Its extremely elegant and refined design allows you to have a timeless product that meets high quality standards. Its aesthetics and its innovative features allow it to adapt excellently to even the most professional kitchens thus also meeting and fully satisfying the world of restaurants, bars and hotels. 

The development of the appliance was born from our love for the environment and the desire to be able to offer to our consumers a unique product, allowing opened bottles of wine and food to be perfectly preserved for a long period, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Thanks to our PATENTED technology, the appliance allows you to perfectly preserve the best bottles of still wine, guaranteeing the maintenance of the perfect organoleptic structure of the wine. This system also allows the preservation of food thanks to the vacuum accessory a