ONE is absolutely the most versatile wine-dispenser.  It’s handy, light, it has a minimum overall dimension and you can place it everywhere. Just click on the “ON” button and you will be ready to serve as many bottles as you wish.

Some examples of customization, monochromatic or with nice textures

the handy display allow you to choose between different quantities:
tasting quantity, full glass quantity and free delivery quantity.

Special cap:
with the revolutionary cap and only one device you can open an
unlimited number of bottles between 0.375lt and 1,5lt.
Thanks to this exclusive technology Winefit creates a revolution in the service of quality wine by the glass granting the best result with the minimal amount of space.
Winefit continues to work everyday to have a better product and
to make it more competitive

360° customization:
basic version is available in different customizations, then it’s also
possible to put your brand on the machine for particular commercial actions.

Minimum overall dimensions:
extremely reduced dimensions of the ONE product allow the customers
to place it everywhere.

Movable unit:
machine can be put on a cart for a “mobile service by the glass” thanks
also to the external winefit battery (option).

Dimensions: L 255 mm, P 386 mm, H 565 mm
9 Kg
Max bottle diameter: 
108 mm
Max bottle nek diameter: 
28 mm, 33 mm
Max bottle height: 
350 mm
ca. 50 bott. da 0,75 lt. per bombola
Argon gas cylinder: 
argon Ø 70 mm, 0,95 L
Power supply: 
110V / 230V – 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 14W