ONE is absolutely the most versatile wine-dispenser. It’s handy, light, it has a minimum overall dimension and you can place it everywhere. Just click on the “ON” button and you will be ready to serve as many bottles as you wish.. More Info

Device made 100% of stainless steel. This range perfectly mixes beauty and modernity, then the brand-new “HIGH PRECISION” technology grants the maximum accuracy on any dose. More Info

The new system for a professional dispensing by the glass of Winefit. Winefit EVO is the newest range of products by Winefit suitable for a pro public that perfectly combines all the advantages of the previous ranges with a wide range of innovative and high-tech solutions.  More Info

Cooling unit with silent system and attractive design. It perfectly combines with the CUBO unit to keep your red or white wines always at the right temperature. The touch screen allows to set up the temperature between 5°/18°.  More Info

With only one machine you can open an unlimited number of bottles without any waste. Thanks to its exclusive technology the dispensing cap of Winefit revolutionize the concept of serving your quality wines. More Info

Special cap for CUBO, thanks to its particular system of interaction with the machine, grants the maximum accuracy on the selected dose (HIGH PRECISION TECHNOLOGY) and a perfect delivery for red and white wines. More Info

Suitable to all winefit machines. Compared to CO2, Argon doesn’t make any gasification of wine and it is well accepted even in the enology field. More Info

Tools and accessories to optimize the service and the presentation of a quality service for your wine. All accessories can be customized with your own brand to give a touch of elegance and style to your Winefit of glass. More Info

Pure innovation. DURAVIN + is the new Winefit range that allows you to have an efficient service for all your wines and instantly cool your glasses. What are you waiting for? More Info

DURAVIN is the new Winefit line that allows you to efficiently and permanently preserve both your still wines and your bubbles! More Info

Do you want to cool your wines quickly and to serve them at the correct temperature? TOP CHILLER is what you are looking for…  More Info