With TOP CHILLER only few minutes to have wine bottles, champagne, beers or mineral water at the correct serving temperature. This product is also suitable  for cans and plastic bottles.

Easy to use thanks to its flexible and handy regulation, this product will make you obtain quickly the perfect serving temperature.

TOP CHILLER is perfect for wine shops, wine bars, restaurants, hotels, stands and marriages. It’s very useful also at  home for friendly tasting night.

This product is very practical and portable and it perfectly matches with any kind of furnishings.

With TOP CHILLER no more troubles to serve your drinks, you will have all of them served at the proper temperature!

Available on 4 models, 2 stand alone + 2 mobile versions on wheel

Supply power : 230V – 50Hz

Capacity :  2 or 3 bottles – possibility of placing 1 Magnum bottle per machine